This site is “not ready for prime time” yet, so please be patient for a few days.

YES.  If you came here for information about the Petition to Remove / Recall 6 of 7 Terravita Country Club Board of Directors, this is the right place.  If you signed the on-line Petition calling for a Special Meeting to address members concerns about the scale and expense of the clubhouse remodel, you may have already received your formal Remove /Recall Petition by US Mail. PLEASE sign it and return as quickly as possible.  Instructions are included in the letter you received and there is even an included a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to mail your signed Petition back for counting.

YES.  You can make copies of the Petition for your friends and neighbors to sign.  Soon, there will be a copy on this site which you can download, print, sign and return.

Every signed petition is a message to this Board who:

  • ignored the on-line petition,
  • ignored the voices of about 400 people in the meeting on June 26,
  • ignored our call for a vote, and
  • ignored the call for a simple opinion survey