Signing the Petition

Q:  Can we make copies?  A: Yes, make copies and distribute to friends and neighbors.

Q: Who can sign?  A: A legal homeowner or trustee of a family trust or officer if owned by an LLC.  Only one signature is needed to represent the household.

Q:  I signed a petition which was circulating a few months ago.  Do I need to sign this one?  A:  Yes.  This petition was prepared with the assistance of an attorney specializing in homeowners’ disputes.  The petitions need to be consistent and handled appropriately in order for us to be heard.

Q:  Is there a deadline?  A: The deadline is …. ASAP….   When enough have been collected to satisfy the law and send a message to this Board, they will be processed.  This petition was intentionally delayed until our out-of-town members started to return to Terravita in the recognition that every member deserves a say.  It could not be delayed any longer, so please sign and let’s get this ball rolling!