Vote to Recall

  • In late 2015 the Terravita Country Club Board advised the members the Clubhouse remodel would cost between $2,000,000 and $3,000,000. The projected costs appeared to be reasonable and acceptable by the membership.
  • In December 2016, the Board quoted a $4,000,000 cost with NO BORROWING.
  • On March 15, 2017, the Board agreed to a Rate Lock Agreement at a cost of $169,000 for a $5,000,000, 20-year loan with Chase Bank. Repayment of the loan would be funded with a home sales transfer fee of $3,000 per home on 70 sales per year, totaling $210,000.  (The legality of this transfer fee is currently being challenged in the Arizona Courts, plus questions are being asked about the legal application to Terravita property sales.)
  • On April 25, 2017, the $5,000,000 loan agreement was signed by the Board President and Treasurer at an emergency meeting.
  • On May 16, 2017, the Board announced a preliminary project cost of $5,647,000 being funded with the Chase Bank loan, and draws on the Terravita Country Club Reserve Accounts.
  • Unlike the Terravita Community Association’s remodel of our entry gate, which included very informative mail-outs and a request for the home owners’ vote, the Terravita Country Club clubhouse remodel project was very poorly communicated. The current and previous Boards pushed this project through as fast as they could, without adequate membership communication or approval.
  • “Street” talk, pool conversations, gym conversations, tennis court conversations, parking lot conversations and more caused the creation of the Terravita Ninety Percent.  Terravita Ninety Percent was designed as a communication tool to ask and answer questions about the project.  The goal was to move conversations to the official meetings and it did.
  • The initial Terravita Ninety Percent mailing was June 2, 2017. After receiving close to 300 responses, the TNP provided the Board with the list of responders and asked the current TCC Board of Directors for a special meeting to discuss the project.  The Board informed the group they could have a special meeting, but the Board would not attend.  One side note, in the October 3, 2017 Board of Directors Message, the Board quote, “This is a group of Terravita residents that insists on remaining anonymous.”  The TNP has provided the Board with the list of residents.  Ultimately 415 confirmed residents signed this social media petition.
  • If you have attended any of the last six Board meetings, you have witnessed the objections of the majority on this project. The Board continues to ignore all members’ requests. In response, TCC Recall was formed to pursue the best and only path forward, to Remove / Recall of 6 of the current 7 Board members.
  • On October 16th, a group of members delivered 227 Remove / Recall petitions to Mr. Laaveg and Mr. Forbes. At the delivery, Mr. Ted Green informed Mr. Laaveg that a group would like to sit down and discuss the project before going forward with the Remove / Recall.  Laaveg responded “NO”, and further, “This is going to be a battle”.
  • We believe the Clubhouse needs updating. However, the scope, price and debt tied to the current plan is of concern. The Board has openly discussed that future Boards may choose to raise dues and transfer fees or assess.  We believe the 20 year debt encumbrance is a serious threat to the future of the Terravita and its ability to remain a Private Community.
  • There have been persistent rumors that Bill Brown is behind our recall efforts. While Mr. Brown is certainly entitled to his own viewpoints and communications, we can categorically state that he has played NO role whatsoever in guiding, funding, or communication on behalf of the Terravita Ninety Percent or TCC Recall.  Any claims to the contrary is UNTRUE.
  • Last, within the next few days you will be receiving a ballot from the Terravita Country Club. It is, of course, our opinion that THE CURRENT BOARD SHOULD BE REMOVED to allow us to install a Board that will review the project, have a much better line of communication with the members, bring the cost to a more reasonable and affordable level, and look at all funding options.  Your support is certainly appreciated.

Special thanks to the hundreds of residents who signed both the on-line petition and the mailed-in recall petition, as well as those who donated time, money or both.